Linton & Wahlgren hjälper ditt företag att minimera framtida juridiska risker och erbjuder en juridisk rådgivning som är anpassad till just ditt företags behov av juridiskt stöd.

Life Science
Entreprenad & Infrastruktur
"I recommended Mikael Wahlgren for case where he acted as a Special Master in the USA under the authorisation of the US Federal Court in a mediation between a US and English company in April 2019. His attempt to reach a settlement together with the Federal Judge was highly appreciated by the concerned parties."
"I had the true pleasure to work with Mikael for several years. He has a broad experience from several industries, countries and assignments which really gives an extra contrubution to the excellent result he delivers in all his tasks. He is a very good manager with a passion for his staff which creates engagement and clear direction."
"I had the pleasure of working together with Mikael on a number of the development projects I led in Spain and Italy whilst at RRPV. His ability to combine both his extensive Civil Code experience with commercial "nous" made his contribution to the team effort invaluable, and I would have no hesitation in seeking recourse to his services in future (should they be available!)"

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